5 Fun Activities to do with the Grandkids this Summer

There are few things sweeter than the bond between Grandparents and their grandchildren. The memories made at grandma and grandpa’s house are memories that can last a lifetime. Have fun this summer joining generations together with good times and sunshine by trying out these 5 fun summer activities.

Summer Activities

Summer Activities

Painting Garden Rocks- Add a personal touch to the yard or indoor potted plants with these little jewels! It’s simple and fun for all ages. All you need for this summer activity are a few stones, acrylic paint, small paint brushes and wa-lah, grandma is so fun! These make great keepsakes or gifts kids can give to family and friends for their garden as well. Paint a stone in dad or grandpa’s favorite colors to give as a paper weight or wishing stone.

*Tip: Larger stones give more surface area making it easier for younger children to paint a design.

Summer ActivitySummer Activity

Silky Soft No Cook Play Dough- If you have hair conditioner and cornstarch you are good to go for this sensory activity! Mix together 1 cup conditioner and 2 cups cornstarch to create a silky smooth, no bake play dough. If you would like to add color, separate the dough in half and sprinkle Kool-aid mix or a few drops of food coloring then knead together with your hands. Keep the dough stored in an air tight container when not using so it does not dry out.

*Tip: Use a measuring cup, if the ratio is off the dough will not result in the desired pliable consistency.

Cookie Cutter PB&J!- Turn an ordinary lunch into an extraordinary activity! Make peanut butterSummer Activities

Summer Activities and jelly (or other favorite) sandwich into little works of art by cutting out shapes with cookie cutters. Simply put your sandwich together like usual then place the cutter in the middle of the sandwich. Press cutter all the way down and move it quickly giggling from side to side until the middle breaks free from the outer edge just as you would with cookie dough. Doesn’t food that looks pretty taste that much better?

Bon appetite!

Summer Activities

Summer Activities

Bubble Target Game- Looking for an outdoor activity that allows the kids to be active but is easy on grandma? Let grams relax in a chair and blow bubbles while the kiddos run around trying to pop as many bubbles as they can using a mini squirt gun. This is a summer game that both generations can enjoy together. Don’t forget the sunscreen and pitcher of delicious ice cold lemonade!

*Tip- Using a large bubble wand and small squirt guns usually work best for this game.

Summer ActivitiesSummer Activities

Build an Outdoor Tent- Build a shady retreat together using a sheet, a rope line to lift it up off the ground and 4 heavy objects to hold down each corner. For the rope line you can you use anything on hand such as fishing line, rope or yarn. If your sheet isn’t large enough to be held down on each corner you can use rope to tie off each corner to any nearby object. Tents are fun for the kids and shield them from the summer rays. Try adding a pillow or two for lounging and a book or coloring pad.