Alzheimer’s Care Schaumburg IL

Alzheimer’s Care Schaumburg IL

Alzheimer’s Car in Fort Myers FLIt’s not easy to witness a loved one going through some of the more significant symptoms and signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Going over to visit an aging parent who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s more than five years ago, he or she not recognizing you, or even talking about people who have been deceased for many years can be emotionally traumatizing for many individuals.

When loved ones begin talking about people who haven’t been around in many years, mentioning that they want to give them a call, it can be a difficult situation. They may have a disconnection with the current time and have no concept that their loved one has passed away a long time ago.

This creates a difficult situation for them as well as any caregiver working with them on a regular basis. What happens when the senior is picking up the phone and trying to dial a specific number? What happens when they are convinced that they absolutely must talk to this person before much time goes by?

Some people may try to lie and tell the individual that the person is away on a vacation. They might attempt to assuage the senior with Alzheimer’s and hope that they will forget this little episode before long.

So what happens when they pick up the phone to dial the number? If they happen to remember the phone number, this might require some quick thinking on the part of you or some other family member or caregiver who happens to be with them at that moment.

You’re confronted with a delicate situation to handle. Telling them the truth can cause confusion, anxiety, and potentially even a verbal or physical outburst. The path of least resistance is often the most tempting one to travel. What happens as the senior completes the dialing of that phone and receives a recording message that the number is no longer in service or somebody picks up on the other end and has never heard of that person?  That can lead to even more confusion, stress and anxiety.

The best way to deal with this particular type of situation is with honesty and tact. Focusing on redirection can also help, as long as there is a plan in place for redirecting the individual at that time.

Dealing with somebody with Alzheimer’s is a delicate situation at times and that’s why it’s beneficial to rely on the services of an experienced Alzheimer’s care provider.