Backyard Granny Pods: The Exciting Elderly Care Option

Granny PodsGranny PodsGranny Pods also known as MedCottages are an exciting housing alternative to nursing and other senior care facilities. Now mom can be just steps away while having her own private, comfortable and safe space to live in. Basically, a Granny Pod is a small cottage like home that can be installed in your own back yard. These little homes come equipped like a hospital room for safety but look and feel homey like a cottage. There are few options out there today but the market is quickly growing as they rise in popularity. One of my favorites is made by Reverend Ken Dupin who designed the MedCottage, a pod that is not only medically safe but it also provides a harmonious environment to live in.

As an only child, I knew that one day it would be my responsibility to care for my parents should the day come where they could no longer care for themselves. I remember even as a young teenager my mom semi-jokingly saying, “don’t put me in a nursing home!” While there are many facilities out there that take excellent care of seniors with 24 hour care, entertainment, friendships and much more, for me I knew I would move mom, dad or both in with me and my family if possible. This choice also brought questions to mind, one being, would this option affect my marriage? My husband and I are both private people and enjoy our alone time. Would living full time in the same dwelling with parents take a toll on our relationship? Caring for parents who are unable to safely care for themselves can be challenging no matter how close of a relationship you have with them. Granny pods offer privacy and independence for both parties yet our loved ones are only a few steps away.

Millions of adult children find themselves having to make serious decisions regarding choices between In-Home Care, Retirement Communities, Assisted Livings, Nursing Homes exedra. These pods have shed a whole new light on what senior care can look like today, paving the way for future innovations for tomorrow. For more detailed information on MedCottages including prices, size options, included safety amenities and much more, visit