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The independent voice of family and professional caregivers of adults with brain impairment caused by dementia (such as Alzheimer’s disease), stroke related illness, or trauma. The Caregiver’s Voice features a wealth of information to bring knowledge, strength and joy to caregivers through: Ask the Caregiver’s Voice, Latest News, Health and Finance Up-Date, Product and Tip Reviews, Resources and Links, and Community pages.

Today’s Caregiver
For About and By Caregivers
One of the best sites for caregivers. Sign –up for the FREE Newsletter or Today’s Caregiver…the first national magazine dedicated to caregivers… both packed full of information. Read their caregiver tips…one might be just the one you are looking for or share your own. I have so enjoyed browsing through and picking up valuable tools.


It is important to watch out for fraud and abuse in our world today this is a story to show what can happen… and the good thing that can be done to help. Documentary aims to protect seniors’ money

Richard Taylor has Alzheimer’s and he has written many books and articles informing us as to how it feels to be a victim of this terrible disease and what it feels like to be treated by you: a loved one, a person in the community, a professional caregiver or the world. Here is one of his complaints…we need to fix it!


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