Daily Care & Activities


Choosing the activity

  • Keep the person’s skills and abilities in mind.
  • Pay special attention to what the person enjoys.
  • Consider if the person begins activities without direction.
  • Be aware of physical problems.
  • Focus on enjoyment, not achievement.
  • Encourage involvement in daily life.
  • Relate activity to work life.
  • Look for favorites.
  • Consider time of day.
  • Adjust activities to disease stages.

Your Approach

  • Help get the activity started.
  • Offer support and supervision.
  • Concentrate on the process, not the result.
  • Be flexible.
  • Break activities into simple, easy-to-follow steps.
  • Assist with difficult parts of the task.
  • Let the individual know he or she is needed.
  • Make the connection.
  • Don’t criticize or correct the person.
  • Encourage self expression.
  • Involve the person through conversation.
  • Substitute an activity for a behavior.
  • Try again later.