Featured from left to right: Second year participant Hazel Lynch and sixteenth year staff member Ruth Ruvalcaba. VADS courtyard, 2019.


Valley Adult Day Services Caregiver Supportive Services


Emergency Respite and Scholarships are available

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Family and Personal Counseling

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Educational and Training Opportunities

Caregiver Training Conferences

Caregiver Training Classes and Workshops

*Continuing Education Units

In-Service Training

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HICAP (Health Insurance and Counseling Advocacy Program)

*These services require some payment.

Adult Day Program (ADP)

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Valley Adult Day Services provides an Adult Day Program for adults age 18 years and older. A person 18 years or older who is not safe for whatever reason to stay home alone…they can stay with us…in an Adult Day Program. For short-term safety care or long-term safety care we can provide lunch, snacks, age appropriate activities.

VADS specializes in seniors 60 years and older who cannot stay home alone and are in need of personal care services or supervision or assistance with sustaining the activities of daily living. The primary purpose of the Adult Day Program is to prevent premature or inappropriate institutional placement. Persons who are diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia are eligible to participate without regard to age or financial resources. Participants who need financial aid must go through VADS’ Scholarship Program. Please call our office at (559)783-9815 or visit us at 227 E. Oak Ave. in Porterville.

Eldercare Resource Center (ERC)
VADS provides an Eldercare Resource Center with an extensive resource library and a resource clerk dedicated to serving the elderly and caregivers of the elderly. ERC provides this service also by networking with and supporting community-based services in providing information and assistance and referrals.