The Father’s Day Gift Dad Really Wants

Father's DayFather's Day

Father’s Day

June 19th 2016

Give the greatest gift of all: time…with you!

Father’s Day is just around the corner, impress pops this year with a gift that will create memories and warm his heart…time spent with you! Thinking back on your life, what special moments come to mind? Is it a memory of receiving an item or an experience you shared with someone? Sometimes, it can be both. In general, it’s easier to recall shared moments where you did something out of the ordinary than it is to remember a tangible gift you received. Creating special experiences for or with a special person in your life gives you the opportunity to strengthen your bond and show just how much you care.

Plan a trip!

A trip doesn’t need to be long or extravagant to be special. Plan a day or weekend adventure! Let’s say dad loves nothing better than a good burger, find a burger place with great reviews in another town or city and make a trip out of it! Document with pictures and print them out for dad when the trip is over. This same idea could be based around any other favorite food or activity. The real gem of the trip will be spending time together creating memories.

What if dad can’t travel?

Father's Day

Father's DayIf your father is unable to travel due to poor health or other conditions, bring an adventure to him! If he is

in a facility and it is not in his best interest to leave the community, consider having a volunteer or paid service come for a visit. Does dad love hearing the strums of a guitar? Ask the local church if there are any guitar players in the church choir that would be willing to come by one Sunday after church for a special performance! Are animals his thing? See if there are any pet services in the area that go to assisted livings or nursing homes. Some cities even have exotic animals companies that charge by the hour for private or group visits. Regardless of if you watch his favorite movie or a hire a 3 ring circus, dad will appreciate the time spent with you.

When You Can’t be with Dad in Person

If you can’t be with dad in person this year, no worries, there are ways that you can connect with dad from afar or simply plan a visit in the near future. Video chat with dad if possible letting him in on the plans and details. You can also send family photos in the mail or make a video for dad that he can play anytime he wants. If you have kids or grandkids, get them in on the action too, grandparents are known for bragging about the little ones! A woman I recently met mentioned to me that one of her dad’s favorite gifts before he passed away was a photo of his grandchildren printed on a t-shit. She told me how he would wear the shirt with great pride. Customized photo shirts can be purchased through Walgreens or other online retailers.

Have fun getting creative this year and thinking

outside of the gift box. Share a favorite experience you have had with your dad below. Happy Father’s Day!